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tv   [untitled]    September 9, 2014 4:30pm-5:01pm PDT

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today, i had some of the executive board members here that had to leave the construction industry is growing if job and contracts and small businesses are hiring especially projects we urge you to not negatively impact the melrose as currently drafted will trigger a loss that will slow or stop the transbay project project spotters if the project is stopped thousands of jobs and millions of of revenues for local businesses will be put into jeopardy and stop or delay the much need open space for offices the mayor the board should come together to negotiate a solution that for
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the board litigation will protect the project. we're about jobs creating in this community so, please thank you. >> good afternoon board aim peter straus i'm on the board of the transit rider i ask you to move harder aggressively without the transbay transit terminal there will be no plan the plan and the project is an obvious transit oriented development that is predicted on the facility being constructed at the site we understand the motivation of the developers to seek relief from the fees but we ask them to accept the responsibility we need you to be
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aggressive on this we need you to pursue this and not let our urgent needs on this project be enforced. the well terminal and the caltrain extension the eventually hrl project to the terminal site are essentially, we look to you to pursue this aggressively sometimes litigation was necessary we hope it can be evaluated if there's fallout negotiation we want you to urge you not to drop the by all this is one of the projects in which the future of san francisco rests we need you to hold onto this and pursue it for the public's interests. thank you >> next speaker >> good afternoon, supervisors my name is taylor i'm the policy
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director and bicycle coalition this is a vision for san francisco's future transmission system it's a an interconnected and regional and statewide hub that not only provides the transportation for people living here but provides commercial opportunities located next to the transportation options the funding is crucial it will likely shifted the burden to our taxpayers or the offer burdened transportation system is in need of more if i understand not more depth the san francisco bicycle coalition is interested in this project there's funding as part of the agreement for open space and also infrastructure to improve safety for people on foot and bike this downtown area
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is one of the most dangerous course for people on bikes and pedestrians so funding is spelling needed we strongly yours you as the board of supervisors to approve the project quickly thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker >> madeline i'm the folks for polk we've heard the only rational is for not approving it we don't want to delay we know that time is money and costs are going to go up and the project with every delay is more and more expensive in addition, i want to suggest it is disingenuous of them to be
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appeared to be surprised the costs have gone up the original contact with negotiated in 2012 when the cards were about on the table when the property prices in san francisco were headed in addition to the property professionals they know when something it developed regardless of height limits even but especially with the compensations for height allowances the value is going to be skyrocketing along with the height limits so having heard no real jufgs for why this shouldn't go forward as our advocates have spoken we represent houses of people in the city that cannot be here we want the board of supervisors to stand strong for the partnerships that's kind of the tipping point unless the city
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stands strong it doesn't look good for what is going forward thank you. >> next speaker >> good afternoon. i'm the interim chair of the san francisco riders i'm here to urge you, please does not delay and don't reduce the money from melrose the money is crucial and i agree with the previous speakers it's what is going to happen in the future with public-private perspires we want those pitchers but don't want to guy down from pressure when things are not going the way they were supposed to this is contract with the developers we're going to give you the opportunity to build hire and we're going to give us the money
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we need to keep the contract with the people of san francisco the developers h that has been saying numerous times will be getting more money as it costs more money a direct relationship with the money for the rents so the rents or whatever might be leases we don't need to worry about the developers not getting their money we need to look to the british here and keep calm and carry on there's threats of all sorts of things we need to move forward and keep going and don't delay and don't reduce thank you very much. >> supervisors michael with the san francisco building and trades council we're in the incredible position of having supports and the allies of the
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transbay joint powers authority all the way up to our national organization and at the same time the developers were congesting the tax rate myself worked on awesome property jobs i know how important their work is been and other workers to putting food on the table for their families we're not experts and there are a number of details in those sites that escape us we know it's necessary to move forward quickly towards the melrose district it's necessary to maximize the revenue for the transbay project to continue the construction including the downtown construction we've spoken with the mayor's office and we know there's a deal for the project we ask you give them all the support for the project thank you.
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>> at the. >> next speaker. >> good afternoon. i'm joel with the electrical local 6. i'd like to echo the comments of mike you did not want to undermine the developers that are preceding to build the large buildings we're in favor of building the large buildings and breaking the transbay terminal i've recognized over the past five or six years how many projects have been at hearing i'm in favor for specific on the premise this project will end up in the actual transbay term downtown we want to thrill any long delays will be detrimental to our project we're a multiple
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contract with the mta whether the big yell trucks that operate the big dangerous lines overhead or your engineers that worked on the project we're landmarking to seeing the project come to fruition with the project downtown thank you very much >> next speaker >> good afternoon, supervisors autumn anna the deputy director for the transbay joint powers authority i'm here to talk about establishing the funding of the transbay program as property the downtown extension there 0 rebuilt terminal is one of the prop k plans that of voted open
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in 2003. this project is the single biggest recipient the plan states that the downtown extension to the rebuilt transbay terminal are one project to be constructed into phases. in the transportation project of this size and maxed has multiple funding serious u sources with local funds leveraging local, state, and regional funds the funds that will be generate are critical parts the plan phase one the multi transport center has $200 million to complete the phase one plan local those funds will leave a gap and puts the $170 million tiff loan at risk
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we ask the securing of the loan the cf d has the infusion of the downtown extension and it's necessary to get phase two set up to be the regions new starts is priority as we wrap up central subway it brings tremendous affordable housing and streetscape and liveability improvements it's important to note that the transportation benefits come from phase two certifying it up as the northern california terminal - >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i'm alice rogers speaking as a 20-year resident i doubled e-mailed you according to the formula and i just encourage you
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to keep our eyes-only the goals this project is about infrastructure not iconic buildings in the mid of our city so, please keep your eyes-only is infrastructure and mind the gap >> next speaker. >> we have to totally only talk about the subject. >> yes. >> there will be time for general public comment later. >> thank you. next speaker. >> my name is francisco and you've heard many speakers come here and try to bag a few to allow to project to go forward. >> in all the deliberations you haven't heard one word about the first people.
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this is their land. and today, we're talking about building a very high building and the board of supervisors i hope you all have paengd to all the deliberations from the year 2008 to today. we attend the meetings. it's called a public meeting. of all the speakers who have spoken here how many of them represented dig gent people you have greedy people who have a hidden agenda just talking about a convoluted subject this many of the experts say let's continue. it's a convoluted subject. from $40,400,000,000 ones now
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the cap is one billion dollars plus. what type of planning is this? we want the trains we don't want the cars on your roads but we don't want a presentation and a plan this is hoodwinking the public. even though you all say this is going to be a community facility district i feel strongly it's not about the community. thank you >> thank you. next speaker. >> my name is christopher i live at sixth and howard 14 meter and 10 blocks from sea levels. i'll be affected.
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i rise to comment on the possibility of 21st century governments we have witnessed to the events that happened in the arab string and how cheap a revolution can be you call a it a success eave talked about a plan to have total managing traffic simply by communicating with the drivers insurance companies. i've advised you about the muni it will be obsolete in less than 15 years in terms of delivering persons and properties anywhere i any time cheaply and efficiently and safely i've advised against writing long
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contract and if you want to collect ail revenues from parking management you better set up a reservation we have an xhig economy it is stretching to accommodate our all data universe it's time for government to catch up. we've got a government that was developed in another century and it's time to catch up you'll simply not be - thank you very much >> let me is there any additional public comment at this time - sir, i think you spoke at the given of this hearinging. any comments from supervisors.
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supervisor wiener >> thank you, mr. president. first, i want to thank the staff for presenting and thank all the members of the public for coming out today for the very thoughtful commentary on different items of this issue. and i have to say i've been impressed over the last week since this issue popped up in terms of desire to potentially drastically reduce the funds available for the downtown extension with the combafks of our transit advocacy group and it's coming into its own and holding the police makers accountable for the transportation and our city. the transbay this transit district is incredibly exciting
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for our city there is two things one we in a smart way chosen an area of the city to potentially develop that area with denser and taller development in terms of housing and office and so forth. and you know the wisdom of this district frankly was shown when we proufd approved that a couple years ago not a single person showed up to testify against it that's incredible. but the brilliance tests not only about the transit service bayshore but the transportation in the transbay terminal and the rail extension with the caltrain and hrl is as has already been
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an independenceable part of the district there's no way to do this kind of up zoning await you tell opposite side of the come in to sure the funding and scomplemgs and the success of the transbay center and the downtown extension we've worked very, very hard to get here on a regional level it's not easy it wasn't that long ago people were talking about fourth and king being downtown is from in other words north's let's not support that and use that money for anothers things. we've had to fight very, very hard at a regional level to make sure our regional partners have full buy in with downtown extension getting the trains all the way to the transit center it's been a lot of work.
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that's why when this came up this desire to reduce the size of the melrose in a way and the magnitude we are that talking about was hundreds of millions of would have either eliminated or all but eliminated the funding for the melrose for the downtown expansion this was shocking to mow me and a lot of people. i'll tell you there are a lot of competition for regional and state and other money to send a signal we're not committed to fund the downtown extension would have sent shock waves throughout the region that would have made it harder to get the $7 million we need for the downtown extension. some of the reaction from me and others in the past week has been out of an absolute passion and
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commitment to make sure we keep this project on track. it's not optional for us to build all the buildings and sort leave it for later to figure out how to get the train and other transportation to work together. i said i know we're going to go into closed session and receiving advise i know there's a potential idea of how we move forward. you know, i'll be - i don't think much of the legal claim obeying being asserted it is with the coincidental that the evaluation was not going to be the evaluation at the end of the recession that's what is the tax
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rate is what it is applied we know that a utility will be, you know, will tie things up if that's what has to happen so be it we shouldn't cave in to a threat of a utility but if there's a way to resolve it that keeps our funding one hundred percent intact i'm interested in hearing about that and to me that's the test is it's going to keep the funding intact for the downtown extension to the transit center if we're being asked for more time whether a week or two i'd never consider that unless i think the result for the downtown expectation funds fully intact >> supervisor kim. >> thank you. i know we've
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been going into closed session you i didn't speak at length lament i know this was an inability to brief everyone that is a technical i apologize. i didn't do this laborer last week but the mayor's office is committed in getting every directing we've pit forward in the 2013 appropriation time to build the parks and infrastructure and most well money the caltrain extension i have to commend the transbay joint powers authority and the mayor and his office to make sure we're not going to lose a
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single dollar for the infrastructure for this neighborhood we're aggressive making sure we're going to do so i'm excited about what we're going to be able to announce after we'll brief the entire board at section there were legal issues and someone that sits as charm on the tjpa i know what is means to have a loss in funding or an inability to draw down an funding. tjpa unlike developments in the city didn't have a huge resource basis we're month to month shockingly and any threat of dollars that are unable to come in could halt the construction it was prudent to spend in week examining the legal implementations and the risks
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when we decided to take a strong position and say we're able to procure every dollar we've promised to the city for the is from for the new downtown transbay area plan so with that, look forward to the closed session and, of course, speaking of the agreements we've come to. okay >> colleagues any further discussion why not keep the items open for now and skip over to the closed session actually, if you could hold on one moment.
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colleagues at this time we have a lot of must be for general public comment i cigarette suggest we move to general public comment but with respect to the members of the public i'd like to move to that and go to come back to those items. after we have hopefully, a little bit of sense for the members of the public for general public comment. so with that, mr. clerk >> item number public comment is closed. . pagers and similar sound-producing electronic devices planning code mrabd without referenced to committee calendar please note the public comment is not loudly on issues that have been addressed and
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please talk to the whole board. if you like a document to be displayed on the overhead please remove it after you're done >> thank you for your patience. >> honorable president chiu and supervisors i'm rubbing benefit i'm the son of ben goodman i'm also a volunteer team captain in the walk alzheimer's they'll take place a week from saturday that's saturday september 20th reply at mission creek park here in san francisco. mission creek park is 3 blocks south of the ball park it opens
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at 8:00 a.m. and ends at the 10:00 a.m. it is only 3 mile walk. people have invited to join and team certainly anyone can join team ben goodman or walk as individuals and visit a l slash walk to register as an individual or walk with a team. this event is to benefit the alzheimer's association which does fantastic work in funding research for alzheimer's to admit their carefully fund the young scientists they can find and have support for caregivers of alzheimer's patient and a twenty-four hour help line. please consider joining us on
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september 20th at the 10:00 a.m. and please consider supporting team ben goodman we'll walk for you thank you very much. > next speaker. >> good afternoon. i'm peter war field executive director of library users association another chapter in san francisco public libraries took place on friday september 5th the library installed multiple new rules on assess to public computers that have access to the intersect. those lastly changes are a cynical attack on the ability of the public to do unanimous


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